About Us

The Cherokee Strip Museum Association was organized in January 1961 by representatives of the civic and social clubs of Alva.

The Museum was originally located on the second floor of Herod Hall at Northwestern State College where articles were contributed by individual families. When the building was remodeled in 1963, the Museum articles were stored on the college campus.

In May 1965, the museum was moved to the lower floor of the Alva City Library and was again visited by schools, civic clubs and individuals.

In June 1975, the Morton Share Trust presented the former Alva General Hospital building to the Cherokee Strip Museum Association for the museum’s current location.

The Morton Share Trust has contributed to the renovation of the building and its surroundings while the furnishings and maintenance of the building are the responsibility of the Museum Association and the community.

The Cherokee Strip Museum is readily available to travelers as well as the people of the area and the state.

The Museum was primary built as the Alva General Hospital in 1932 and used until 1972. In 1976, with the help of the Charles Morton Share Trust, it became the new home of the Cherokee Strip Museum. Many community members were born in the building and are now called the "Museum Baby's".

  • To collect, preserve, maintain and display historically significant articles and artifacts which relate to the geographic region of Northwest Oklahoma known as the Cherokee Outlet.

  • To provide educational opportunities and programs to the general public about the Cherokee Outlet and Woods County, Oklahoma specifically.

  • To secure historical artifacts related to the Cherokee Outlet and preserve them for the education and enjoyment of future generations.