The Cherokee Strip Museum is said to be one of the top 3 most haunted locations in Oklahoma. We do open our doors to paranormal investigation teams for a fee. Teams will get a tour with the lights on and we will answer any questions and provide history. Two to three museum staff will be on site during the night for security. Please call or e-mail us if you would like to set up an investigation.

Professional Investigations

Jon The Paranormal Guy

Jon is a frequent visitor of the Cherokee Strip Museum. Over the last 8 years, Jon has studied paranormal phenomena, researched history, and investigated the unknown. Over the years Jon has investigated over 200 Haunted Locations.

Live Footage caught at the museum 2/13/22

Jon The Paranormal Guy Content:
TikTok @jontheparanormalguy

Paranormal Investigations of Oklahoma

To find out more on the Paranormal Investigations of Oklahoma team, please click on the links below.

Live Footage caught at the museum 3/31/21

Facebook - YouTube
TikTok @kaleeppersonpio

Paranormal Adventures

The Paranormal Adventures team visited the museum on 9/12/20 and streamed their investigation live on Facebook. Click the image above to visit their Facebook page.

One Room School House
Cedar Grove Chapel

Paranormal Investigations of Wichita

Paranormal Investigations of Wichita performed an investigation on 3/11/11. Click the image for a link to their findings.

Bumps in the night
Private night time access for the public to perform their own investigation with Bumps in the Night!

Price: Flat fee of $100*

*Fee covers up to 10 people

Hours: 8pm-10pm*

*Hours are negotiable but need to begin and end at reasonable times

Terms and Conditions:

  • Any groups over 10 people will be charged an additional fee of $10/person
  • Groups of 15 or more may be asked to split into separate groups
  • Access is provided for only the main building.
  • Length of private session is a maximum of 2 hours
  • Tours must be scheduled and paid for no less than 24 hours in advance
  • Full refunds are issued with notice of cancellation by 5:00 pm the day of your visit.
  • If you do not show up for your visit without notification you will be refunded $80.
  • Visit hours will not be extended past the agreed time, unless arrangements are made with the attending staff.


  • Respect museum property
  • Do not disturb displays
  • No food or drinks within the museum beyond lobby
  • Only Museum is open for event
  • Group is responsible for damage or missing items caused by visit.